"Self-taught and intuitive, she photographies in the same manner that she welcomes life: with curiosity, passion and nativism. It is undoubtedly thanks to this tactic that she manages to tell us about the world.And she has indeed many stories to tell ... "


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Street Artist


"In barely four years Stew has already redesigned the tapestry of his room much to the dismay of his parents''


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Amandine Vallée

Painter, drawer, illustrator 


Denis Pouppeville, born in Havre in 1947, is an unclassifiable artist: painter, designer, illustrator. He lives and works in Montreuil (93). His universe is ruled by derision and tenderness. Il vit et travaille à Montreuil (93). The artist, who maintains a sarcastic and altruistic view on the theatre of life, lets forth a world filled with twilight glow where the enigmatic characters of Gibus and Galuron lurk

Denis Pouppeville

Florence Babin

Plastic artist


After taking a course in Visual Art and Art Science at Paris 1 University (2004), she presents her works (videos, photographs, installations) at festivals and events dedicated to the independent short film and experimental video, in the galleries or places of contemporary art.


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List of the artists (32) :  Anne de Colbert Christophrov, Amandine Vallée, Charlie, Chen Yi-Chun, Davy Surier, Denis Pouppeville, Dominique Sens, Florence Babin, François Mallet, Fred. Spirin, Gilles Molinier, Guy Laurent Albagnac, Helene Hibou, Hélène Barrier, Henry Hang, Hervé All, HowardBack, Iléana d'Orléans, Iris Colomb, Laure Devenelle, Lika Kato, Maude Louvrier-Clerc, Marie-Anne Guinard, Martina Seeber, Maud LC, Thomas Deschamps, Poulposphere, STeW, Slane, Véronique Moulard, Yon Costes, Zhang Meng Yuan...


The artists bellow are in alphabetical order.




H.B. Became interested on photography at the age of 16 when she came across her father's camera. Her first shooting was for the album "Autobiographonic", from the band David2Mir in 2008. Afterwards, she worked on the concept of "the meetings just around the corner", and tunes, her style every day. A dog sitting at the feet of a bench, a tag on a wall, or a lamppost become her inspiration through their clichés. Not to eager to edit, she prefers by far the unfiltered photos, taken by instinct.


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Iléana d’Orléans



Born in Athens in 1970. After studying mathematics, she dedicated herself to painting. It's been 22 years now in which she paints in the hope that she'll make life more pleasant and the walls more happy.


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Iris Colomb

Graphic designer


After undergoing artistic preparation in Paris, this young artist has turned to London to join the Camberwell College of Art in order to continue his education in graphic design. She was lucky to grow up in big cities such as Paris, Brussels, Rome and Moscow, where many of her projects are by the local urban dynamism. By linking drawing, theater, and poetry, Iris proves herself to be a complete artist.


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Fred. Spirin



The comic strip was the catalyst that confirmed his wish to always express himself through drawing. He quickly dives deep into fantastic universes that intimately brush with reality. Even today, the emotions from his childhood remain intact . His work is mostly graphic and monochrome.


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Laure Devenelle

Plastic artist, Designer Textile / Scenographer


I like to give relief and colour to our environment. As a paper designer, I sculpt, transform, animate the Origami and Kirigami - the art of folding and cutting. I reinvent new landscapes to dress space.


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Guy Laurent Albagnac


He is a historian and an art critic, as well as the joint director of the art gazette(Gazette des arts.). Syndicate member of the French artistic press(Syndicat de la Presse Artistique)




Her art subscribes to a search for a dream-like atmosphere, notably expressed through her portraits, illustrations, and 2D/3D animation. Always in the search for different techniques and combinations of mediums to achieve harmonious results, her only goal is to tell us a story through her illustrations.


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Maude Louvrier-Clerc

Designer & a researcher of  intangible asset


Passionate about the evolution of the world, it's cultures, and it's people, he is a poet, visual artist, designer and a researcher of intangible asset. She multiples the ways to traverse in the search to better comprehend balance, which for the artist constitutes the plinth of sustainable development. How to reconcile the unforgivable? How does one cohabit order and chaos, the void and the fullness, the "I" and the "we"...


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 Henry Hang, Gilles Molinier, Anne de Colbert Christophorov, Yon Costes, Lika Kato, Thomas Deschamps, Dominique Sens ...

Davy Surier



The forest is Davy Surier's turf. When he was a teenager, he indulged in the works of Baudelaire, Nerval, Rimbaud, Gide, Mallarmé, Valéry... He would paint between his lectures, as he studied exterior commerce and international finance! Nowadays, Surier is dedicated to everyday photography, finding that a camera might be mote practical to him than a paintbrush.

Martina Seeber



Grew up in Munich till the age of 23, lived in France since 1985. Educated in false wood and marble at the IPEDEC in Pantin in 1988. Member of the Maison des Artistes since 1993. Main activities: painting, skating, false wood and marble in French cinema since 1989. (Versailles, de Jali Lespert 2014 Le Journal d'une femme de Chambre, Benoît Jacquot 2014, Saint Laurent , de Bertrand Bonello 2013 Venus à la fourrure , Roman Polanski 2012 Holy Motors, Leos Carax, 2011 Carnage, Roman Polanski 2010 L'Arnaqueur, Pascal Chaumeil 2009)




As a student at IESA, Charlie is passionate about illustration and calligraphy, yet she thrives on many other mediums such as photography, graffiti or painting. As a Self-taught artist, she was fascinated by the symbolism and iconography and thus combines writing, design drawing, and philosophy.


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Veronique Moulard



Born in Madagascar, Véronique Moulard spent her childhood filled with dreams, music, chants and freedom. She comes from a family where art is encouraged, and she decided early on that she would like to teach pottery and drawing "when she grows up". These mediums of expression, along with painting, would accompany her through a myriad of horizons, until earning her diploma from the Martenot school. Following that, the visual universe varied, borrowing from all lived and shared moments, she participates in the Workshop of the Way that opens its doors in the Yvelines.



Street Artist


From a very early age, Slane was surrounded by art in all its forms. Particularly intrigued by street art, he decided to impose himself in this genre and he started to paint in the street in 2009. His artistic behaviour is based on his deep seated need to fill with colour his environment and the hearts of people. He desires to share his atypical universe by revealing his passion. Wishing to develop his art and not finding satisfaction in the standard typography of graffiti, he never misses a chance to evolve the technique or the creation context.






Chinese painter

Keywords: Metaphysics, Traditional Chinese Painting, Oil Painting, Material Painting, Woodcarving

Art Work Statement:In today's world, through high-tech production, anything can be imitated; the world famous paintings can be massively produced through assembly lines, all kinds of new visual stimulus such as holography have entered ordinary life…


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Zhang Meng Yuan


Taiwanese painter

After obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering, she started to take different courses in painting (pencil, charcoal, watercolour and acrylic) in Taiwan. She put a lot of effort to enter The National Taiwan University of Arts (Graduated in Fine Arts). She worked as a graphic designer for many years. Currently finishing the course  in the Fine Art Versaille University ( l'Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Versailles) which she started in September 2014.

keywords :  painting,  charcoal (sketch), design drawing, aquarelle, Mixed media.


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Chen Yi-Chun