Hotel of Versailles


Hotel Operator

In Création

Specialist of Custom-Made Digital Imprint of Wall Paper


Our wallpaper supplier, In Creation allows our artists to create their works to support the ecology. Furthermore, they provided donations since the very beginning.


The printing company 


  Our printing company is recognized for its expertise in the colour reproduction of advertisements, catalogs, and beautiful books. Three times winner of the Golden Cadrat, the highest distinction in its field, our investment in the latest equipment allows us to maintain competitive prices.s.


Our school, Institute of Higher Education in the Arts(l'institut d'etudes superieurs des arts) 




- Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation -

    The Lahaye Berthelot Champagne, earned manipulant from father to son is a family estate located at the crossroads of the vineyards, 5 kilometers from Epernay. Our champagnes are exclusively from our property and are made from the blend of three Champagne grape varieties: Pinot, Chardonnay, and Meunier. We take great care in monitoring the vineyard and the winemaking process, allowing our champagnes to have a consistent quality. For over 5 generations, our family has worked the vine. To date, with 3 hectares of vineyards, we derive 25-30000 bottles, depending on the year. Our production is always sold out. From the pressing of the vine until the sale, we oversee all operations. We keep a family tradition to perpetuate the flavor of the Champagne, in the purest tradition.



Conseil général des Yvelines

Stephane Mayeux

Antique Store & Interior Decoration