« Before addressing any notion of conservation, we must first learn to feel again. I want to offer the general public an exceptional dive into these last wild lands. To present nature in a sensitive way to excite and amaze mankind in order to recreate this indispensable bond that unites us with it. »

Luc Jacquet, Founder of the Wild Touch association




    The students of IESA Art Market and Expertise are organising an Annual Charity Auction. It is an opportunity offered to the First-year students to set up an auction for a charity cause, to benefit a charity association. .


    This ambitious project allows us to acquire experience and integrate learnt theories with practice. Regardless of rigorous personal and collective participation, the cause we stand for demands a performance without rest. The Charity Auction benefits a different association each year and this year it is "Wild-Touch'' – an association which oversees the protection of flora. It plays a dominant role not only in the preservation of an unstable and fragile wildlife, but also in developing populations.

The profits from the sale will be donated in full to "Wild-Touch". The goal is to achieve a solidary project, complementing student involvement with the professionalism of the association.


    The aid to the population, sustainable development and enhancement of a people's skills based on their natural resources will drive for stability in the future. Today, becoming aware and regulating our daily carbon consumption has become the main challenge for the preservation of our planet and of an individual. This commitment will be the culmination of the first part of the project. In fact, the students will take into account their own carbon expenditure regarding any activity during the organisation of the sale (trips, electricity, meetings, etc.).


    From the sale's profits we will deduct the total carbon costs: a symbolic act representing our full commitment to the environmental cause and the process of creating a ''responsible'' sale that guarantees its own expenditure. This cost management is regulated by the UN carbon offset programme.


    The sale's theme is ''Wallpaper and Nature''. Our goal is to raise awareness of contemporary artists, stylists and designers, while allowing for their artistic freedom.


    Generous donors, inspired and motivated artists, and a significant input from us will guarantee the initiative of this project.


    Our goal is to bring together 40 lots that will be sold under the hammer of (name of CP). The Auction will take place April 16, 2015 at (place) with the participation of (name). You will have the opportunity to see the works of art, and to meet and talk with some of the artists on the night of the sale. Furthermore, you will be provided with a complete catalogue of the auction.