Our school, Higher Institute of Arts

 (l'Institut d'Etudes Supérieures des Arts)



IESA : Founded in 1985, IESA is a private higher technical education group recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication since 1998.


A prestigeous school of professional certification

- For 27 years, more than 12 000 students and trainees.
- Recognition by the Ministry of Culture and Communication.
- Certified titles I and II, recognized by the State, and Masters of Arts validated by the University of Warwick.



Apprenticeship through practice

- A network of cultural institutions and partner events to benefit the students with the best experiences
- The opportunity to do internships in their first year
- The chance to deliver, individually or in groups, large-scale projects


Les partenaires internationaux prestigieux

- Warwick Collection, Warwick University, Whitechapel…
- A global reach to boost students' career
- Internships in Europe through the Erasmus Charter
- A partnership for internships with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
- Member of Studialis-The Group, a union of 24 higher education institutions located in France.
In figures: 23 schools, 10,000 students, grade 1 Master, 18 titles certified by the State.


Since 1963, more than 50,000 former students located in six cities in France, more than 100 international partner institutions, 15000 business partners.


L’IESA Art & Culture benefits from a French and International professional network, as well as a legitimate international opening.