Wild-Touch: we protect better what we love


































 Wild-Touch plans to eventually lodge other projects and provide an opportunity for artists to express themselves and to educate people of all ages about the future of our planet. 

Missions and relationship with art

The primary mission of Wild-Touch is to sensitise the artists about environmental causes by placing them in the same filming set, surrounded by luxuriant vegetation. Immersed in natural environments, the artists transcribe their sensibility: nature being the source of inspiration. From these missions carried abroad were born The March of the Penguins (La Marche de l'Empereur) and The Fox and the Child (Le Renard et l’Enfant). Wild-Touch travels to last wild oasis on the planet and it wants to share this privilege with the public, and uses the web media to present the sensible side of the human adventures through a free and creative adaptation. The association works with numerous professors in order to popularise scientific concepts amongst which are pollination, global warming, plant interconnection... Multiple playful animations (short films) are created in order to reach the younger generations.


The emergence of this association comes after a meeting between Luc Jacquet and scientific experts in vital environmental causes such as primary tropical forests, Antarctica, climate change, and coral.

Luc Jacquet,through the notion of movies, displays the fundamental issues concerning our environment.