In order to meet its food needs and enablei ndustrial development, the south-east of Madagascar was burned by its own community.


   In fact, the forest has been destroyed for many years to allow culture of rice and the establishment of a mining industry. This "territorial cremation" makes it possible to meet the vital needs of the population, but undoubtedly it has also contributed to the destruction of nature.














    Olivier Bertha, founder of l’ONG L’Homme et L’Environnement,

traveled the Earth at that time in search of products for large houses. Noting this disaster, he immediately intervened with the population.


His research then changed into a concrete goal: to estimate the value of the island's resources in order to create a source of development.


He succeeded in making the community understand that creating new terrain for agriculture and development at the expense of the forest would ultimately threaten their home.


Therefore, Bertha Olivier tries to change behavior of the community. With their knowledge of the properties of the local plants, he was able to start the manufacture of essential oils.


Indeed, he had met a researcher from Chanel and suggested him to consider the essential oils from Madagascar.


This project has since allowed the community to be financially stable and

simultaneously protect the forest and surrounding lands.